What is Automist?

Since their creation in the 19th century, traditional fire sprinklers whilst still effective, have essentially not been changed or updated. Automist Smartscan has a rotating spray head that directly targets fires with a powerful jet of water mist. It has been proven to achieve the same performance as residential sprinkler systems & uses 90% less water resulting in minimal water damage to the living space. Automist Smartscan is more efficient, faster to activate, more aesthetic, and less likely to result in water damage. With more than 12,000 completed installations nationwide, Automist has earned trust in the UK and the US. Another reason for its adopted use is because it employs flexible hosing and doesn’t need to be put in the ceiling, installation is often done with less interruption, less plumbing and without a tank or commercial water supply. Automist has now been confirmed as compliant with BS8458:2015 meaning approvals with both private and local authority building control is faster and easier.

Gain approval and improve life safety with less disruption

Automist opens up opportunities for open plan living without sacrificing safety or breaking the law for architects and building designers. Because Automist is easy to install and is simple to commission on-site, modular builders are choosing it to ensure that prefab buildings remain fire safe. It minimises ceiling disruption for heritage homes or listed buildings that are water-sensitive, and the pump barely takes up any room. Automist is a water-main-based system that may be specifically retrofitted for sheltered housing or assisted living projects without the requirement for additional storage tanks.

Typical Applications

Meeting building regulations in dwellings with open-plan arrangements

Addressing a fire risk assessment (FRA) action such as inner rooms in small paying-guest-accommodation or open-plan sleeping accommodation

Reducing the risk to occupants from external walls fire spread (FRAEW) with PAS 9980

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) driven AWFSS retrofit

Elective fire safety upgrade beyond the minimum statutory life safety standards


Flush Modern Design

Automist sits flush in the wall and blends into the design of all properties seamlessly.

Low Water Usage

Using around 5.6 liters of water per minute (90% less than traditional systems) automist offers the same fire performance, without all the associated damage.

Building Regs Compliant

Automist has full compliance with BS8458:2015

Easy to Install & Retrofittable

Connecting to the normal domestic water supply and using flexible hosing, automist is installed with limited disruption.

Peace of Mind

Automist has been designed to detect fire and activate earlier, enhancing protection for people and property.

Small Pump with no Tank

The automist pump is small maximizing the space available in your home.

Activates Faster

Automist can tackle fires in their early stages, great for small smoldering fires tackling them before growth.

Automist Smartscan conforms to BS 8458:2015, Residential and domestic water mist systems – Code of practice for design and installation. Its performance has been validated by BSI Verification Certificate, VC 780009.

Automist Smartscan

Retrofittable intelligent watermist fire suppression

Uses 10x less water than traditional fire sprinklers

Rapid Approval for UK Building Regulations