Four Story House Must Have a Suppression System Fitted Throughout

Or in Particular houses with two floors over 4.5m

Four-story houses (or in particular houses with two floors over 4.5m) must have a suppression system fitted throughout. Either new or converted houses that are four stories, for example after a loft conversion, must have either;

  • Two separate staircases between the second and new third floor.

  • Fire suppression system like Automist fitted throughout

In a four-story home, Automist pays for itself!

It is not worth the cost of installing an additional staircase in your property, due to the cost of the staircase, but most importantly the cost of space (for example in London where on average one sqm is priced at £6,200.00. This means that the space that a staircase would take up, massively outweighs the cost of a suppression system like automist.

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